Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies on dark background looking really yummy


Hello everyone,

As our world's state is still in utter chaos, how about baking some healthier chocolate chip cookies using our unique Fairy Poo?! Click here for a recipe by the Domestic Gothess. 

What's Fairy Poo, and why should you take notice of it?

Fairy poo is organic raw chocolate covered mulberries, kind of like tiny healthy chocolate chips that look like; what one might imagine fairy poo to look like! 

You can not just whack them in your mouth but also in cookies, muesli (bars), cakes, or garnish raw cakes. 

AND all proceeds of the sales of fairy poo go to the Stroud Women's Refuge!

Stroud women's refuge offers accommodation & support services to women and their children who have been affected by domestic abuse.

We're sure you'll find unique ways with Fairy Poo, have a go and support our local charity. Yum!

We also sell 'normal' organic chocolate chips, oats, all kinds of flours, unrefined sugars, freshly made local peanut butter, ground almonds, baking powder, bicarb, basically all chocolate chip cookie needs for this uncertain time.

Wishing you all a good spring week enjoying the daffodils, eating cookies,

The Loose Team.

Photo credit: The Domestic Gothess, thank you.