Protein Powder Recipes

5 ingredients tahini almond cookies by cooks republic


Did you know Loose now stocks Hemp, Pea Protein Powder?! We think it can be snuck into all kinds of things, such as: the obvious smoothie, but also brownies, cakes, energy balls, muesli bars, cookies, crumble or burgers!

Especially if you are eating predominantly plant-based it's a good idea to make sure that your protein levels are happy. You can take care of that by eating the rainbow, wholegrains and pulses. However, sometimes a quick flick of a spoon of protein powder in your breakfast bowl or smoothie is a neat, quick, smart way to go.

Here are some recipes you could chuck some of that goodness into:

Black Bean Brownie by Sophia Hoffmann.

Green Smoothie by Gala's Organic Kitchen

5 ingredients Tahini Cookies by Cook Republic

How about a Quarter Pounder Beet Burger from the Post Punk Kitchen?

Just to name a few....

We'd love to know what you get up to with protein powders, so do leave us a comment below.

We hope that the beginning of spring has given you new hope and that you find inspiration in cooking wholesome and delightful food for yourself.

Have a good week!

The Loose Team.