Benefits of Loose shopping and Sunflower 'Tuna' Paté

Shopping at Loose the plastic-free shop in Stroud has many benefits, read more to find out what they are and to get the 'Tuna' Paté recipe from Sarah Britton.

What are the benefits of shopping at Loose using your own containers?

The obvious one first, you save on excess packaging and get to either re-use your saved bags or packaging, or directly fill your containers with organic goodness.

You get to think about what you need or don't need, stopping you from over-buying. Also, you only buy what you can carry home. I find that reducing my shopping habits down to what I will actually use is much more efficient for my body, wallet and even the planet.

If you shop with your own storage jars, then putting the shopping away is so much easier because you don’t have to unpack. It also stops odd bits and bobs getting lost at the back of the cupboard and makes keeping your kitchen cupboards organised much easier.

It's fun to fill your own containers with the foods that will nourish your body—especially getting the kids involved. It creates a connection and more awareness about where your food comes from, and you get a feel for the ingredients. 

It's also a good opportunity to meet your local community that cares about the planet and enjoys delicious healthy food. Perhaps exchange some recipe ideas while filling up on chia seeds?

Lastly, you are supporting a local eco-friendly small business that is making a difference, one shopper at a time.

Come in and find out for yourself!


I'll leave you with a recipe for a vegan ‘Tuna' Paté made with sunflower seeds (available at Loose) by Sarah Britton from the cookbook My New Roots. Click here for the recipe link.

See you at Loose!

Maria-Carin Gala from Gala's Organic Kitchen,

on behalf of Loose the plastic-free shop in Stroud.