We're at the Stroud Farmers Markets 30th October 2021!


Thank you for your ongoing support by shopping plastic-free, at Loose — our local zero-waste shop in Stroud. We love serving you.

We’ve got some exciting Christmassy goodies coming up!

We’ll be at the Stroud Farmers’ Market this Saturday with some of our high-quality raw vegan chocolates, and early low-impact Christmas presents. A taster of what we have in store. 

Chestnut Flour to the Rescue!


Hello Loose shoppers,

Don't we need a little taste of warm and sunny places during these rather rainy days? We've got something for you; a taste of Italy— chestnut flour pancakes!

Have you heard of Pasta Grannies? You should.

Pasta Grannies find and film real Italian grannies - nonne - making delicious, traditional, handmade pasta. And sometimes soups, breads, dolci, rice dishes, that kind of thing. Saving skills and sharing traditions one recipe and Granny at a time!

Tamarind Greens and Mung Beans

Hello Loose shoppers,

Thanks for visiting us last week in our new premises. It's wonderful to have so much space in the new shop to welcome you!

This week's recipe features MUNG BEANS because pulses are so very good for our overall long-lasting health.

We should/could be having more of them in our diet. Daily in fact. Studies have shown that eating beans and lentils regularly can help avoid all kinds of diseases and malfunctions in our beautiful bodies. Isn't that a wonderful and inexpensive way to keep us healthy? 


Hello Loose shoppers,

Thank you for your patience during the last two weeks, while we moved to 33 High Street! We are now OPEN for you and look forward to welcoming you into our bigger and improved shop.

For this week's recipe, we'd like to take another opportunity to celebrate the spring greens that are sprouting up everywhere; and make another wild foraged greens pesto!

Moving and Mango Lassi

Hello Loose shoppers,

We are still in the process of moving the shop and will be open from next Monday 10 May!

New address: 33 High Street, Stroud.

In the meantime, you can still make yourself some delicious healthy things, such as a Mango Lassi!

Geoff, who works at Loose, has a neat tip for us: use dried mango pieces to make mango lassi, and you'll have an even more decadent flavoured drink. Yum.

Courgette Cornbread with Chilli Sun-Dried Tomatoes Olives

Hello Loose shoppers,


Spring is in full bloom and you're probably enjoying the fact that you can get out again. Of course, all restricted but nevertheless meeting others in the park for a picnic is just sublime in this sunshine.

Here is a picnic idea that's gluten-free, vegan and tasty! —to make with our responsibly sourced ingredients: polenta, chickpea flour, gluten-free flour, flaxseeds, apple cider vinegar, olive oil and really nice sun-dried tomatoes.

Get into it:


Flaxseeds how to use them?!

Hello Loose shoppers,

We'd like to take a moment to celebrate not just the re-opening of shops and pubs today, but the amazing humble flaxseed, one of our many healthy versatile ingredients at Loose.

Firstly, flaxseeds are the same as linseeds. And flax meal is just another name for ground flaxseeds.

In Gala's Organic Kitchen's opinion, flaxseeds are the most effective, affordable, handy and tasty superfood to enjoy every day! 

Wild Garlic Recipe Ideas

Hello Stroud, and beyond,

With spring came the magic of wild garlic. It’s pretty much everywhere now and just asking to be made into healthy and delicious concoctions!

Let us give you some ideas, add WILD GARLIC to:

  • pumpkin seed or cashew pesto
  • celeriac and parsnip soup
  • white bean dip
  • Indian curry by Meera Sodha, click here for the recipe
  • stir-fries
  • in burgers!

Miss Daisy from Loose recommends adding it to everything too: