Chestnut Flour to the Rescue!

necci italian pancakes filled with ricotta on turquoise table with honey drizzled all over


Hello Loose shoppers,

Don't we need a little taste of warm and sunny places during these rather rainy days? We've got something for you; a taste of Italy— chestnut flour pancakes!

Have you heard of Pasta Grannies? You should.

Pasta Grannies find and film real Italian grannies - nonne - making delicious, traditional, handmade pasta. And sometimes soups, breads, dolci, rice dishes, that kind of thing. Saving skills and sharing traditions one recipe and Granny at a time!

In this episode, they are making pancakes out of chestnut flour! We thought you might like to give them a go.

Loose sells organic chestnut flour which is naturally sweet, contains some protein, is gluten-free and really tasty. It's quite dark and rich, so you can't interchange it for normal flour, BUT you can add it to anything you're making; bread, pancakes, muffins, crackers, etc! Or you can make special traditional chestnut flour recipes from Italy, for example. See recipe in the following link. Here is a blog with lots of chestnut flour recipes.

Enjoy and see you next week,

The Loose Team.

Thank you Pintrest for the photo. These pancakes are called 'Necci' a traditional Italian chestnut pancake filled with ricotta, yum.