We now stock Stroud's Award-Winning Micro Dairy!

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Hello everyone,

Thanks for visiting us last Saturday at the Stroud Farmers Market. 

Here is a photo of our lovely stall on Instagram

We won't be there again, but you can find us in the shop on 33 High Street!


We would like to inform you that we now stock the local Stroud Micro Dairy — UK's first award-winning dairy!

See a photo of it on Instagram here.

They are a small community-supported dairy farm in Stroud. 

They produce delicious, fresh and local raw milk, yoghurt and kefir. 

Based in a sunny vale overlooking Stroud, at Oakbrook farm, they farm to regenerate soils using a method of farming that revolves around biology, life and the sun; to positively impact our soils, animals, people and the nature that surround us.

Sounds too good to be true? Come and check it out yourself?

We look forward to seeing you,

Julie and the Loose Team.