Wild Garlic Recipe Ideas

Hello Stroud, and beyond,

With spring came the magic of wild garlic. It’s pretty much everywhere now and just asking to be made into healthy and delicious concoctions!

Let us give you some ideas, add WILD GARLIC to:

  • pumpkin seed or cashew pesto
  • celeriac and parsnip soup
  • white bean dip
  • Indian curry by Meera Sodha, click here for the recipe
  • stir-fries
  • in burgers!

Miss Daisy from Loose recommends adding it to everything too: 

The chickpea dilemma and protein-rich snacking!

Hello everyone,


We know that many of us are struggling with a whole range of difficulties these days due to the global pandemic.

We also know that there are old struggles that are left unsolved. Such as how to cook beans and lentils so that they are not undercooked, hard and difficult to digest 😅 This week we will tackle the latter!