Local Carlin Peas in brownies? Yes! Green savoury porridge? Yes!

Local Carlin Peas in brownies? Yes! Green savoury porridge? Yes! Ingredients available at the plastic-free shop LOOSE in Stroud? Yes!

Hello shoppers at LOOSE the plastic-free shop in Stroud,

Have you heard of the local Carlin Peas? They are a legume, hence highly nutritious — available at LOOSE and fit for baking brownies with! True story. 

I found this Black Badger Brownie Bars recipe for you, but I’m sure some of you might like to veganise or gluten-free it. In that case, I would exchange the butter for coconut oil and the eggs for 2 tbsp flaxmeal (ground flaxseeds/linseeds, available at LOOSE) mixed with 1/4 cup of any plant milk. I haven’t test-baked them yet, but I find brownie recipes to be rather forgiving, so go ahead and give them a try!

If you prefer things savoury, then you might like this the Roasted Squash with Carlin Peas instead.

If you’d like another interesting savoury option, let me introduce you to a Green Porridge that a school friend and cookbook buyer, put me on to. She posted it on my public Facebook group called Lick Your Plate where people who bought my cookbook (Lick Your Plate) share their yummy healthy cooking creations.

This savoury porridge is made with rolled brown rice flakes (available at LOOSE). To lend the porridge more protein, it’s got a tablespoon of chia seeds (available at LOOSE) in it. And lots of very healthy toppings that also tasted amazing, such as avocado, spinach, toasted sesame seeds (available at LOOSE), seaweed flakes, miso and chilli paste. Yes, very wholesome and not for every morning, but sometimes you just need a breakfast that isn’t sweet, without resorting to bread and cheese. 

Have a peak at the Savoury Green Porridge here, and to screenshot the ingredients list.

What delights have you made last week with your ingredients from LOOSE? Do share in the comments below; we are very interested.

I hope you find these ideas useful, and I look forward to hearing how you went with the recipes or recipe ideas.

Happy cooking,

Maria-Carin Gala on behalf of LOOSE.