Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thank you for shopping at Loose and making the world a better place, one shop at a time. Saving every bit of plastic counts.

We are still open up until Christmas, so come and visit us for all your spice baking needs. Raw chocolates or organic teas to gift in Vintage Mary's glass jars. Or locally made delicious smelling soaps with handmade olive-wood soap dish (which has neat holes that drain really well), pretty reusable handmade cotton pads, the plant-based and gluten-free cookbook Lick Your Plate, and we even have biodegradable glitter for your sparkling-shiny celebrations!

Warming Lentil Soup

Hello Loose shoppers,

How about getting into the good old lentils, in particular brown lentils? They're warming, grounding and delicious. You can find them at Loose and they cost next to nothing.

I grew up with a step-father who was German and took cooking very seriously. He and my Slovak mother became vegetarian when I was only a year old, and endeavoured to find vegetarian alternatives to dishes they loved. I have based this recipe on a vegan version of a German lentil soup he used to make.