Spring Cleaning!

Hello Loose shoppers,

After the snowdrops and crocuses have dared to show their delicate selves, and now the daffodils are in full bloom, it's fair to say that spring is finally all over the land!

What better time than now to do a spring clean in your home?! We have just the right products for you. 

Chocolate Chip Cookies


Hello everyone,

As our world's state is still in utter chaos, how about baking some healthier chocolate chip cookies using our unique Fairy Poo?! Click here for a recipe by the Domestic Gothess. 

What's Fairy Poo, and why should you take notice of it?

Fairy poo is organic raw chocolate covered mulberries, kind of like tiny healthy chocolate chips that look like; what one might imagine fairy poo to look like! 

How to use dulse seaweed and why you should.

Hello and happy Monday morning,

It's another wet, foggy and dark one today, but remember spring is just underneath that wet, slippery mud.

Which reminds us of our DULSE seaweed from Ireland available at Loose! An ingredient you should know about.


Dulse is a versatile, protein-rich, medicinal ingredient, that we think everyone should throw into their cooking. 


Adding dulse or kombu adds extra masses amounts of minerals, and is said to reduce excess flatulence when digesting pulses. 

Protein Powder Recipes


Did you know Loose now stocks Hemp, Pea Protein Powder?! We think it can be snuck into all kinds of things, such as: the obvious smoothie, but also brownies, cakes, energy balls, muesli bars, cookies, crumble or burgers!

Especially if you are eating predominantly plant-based it's a good idea to make sure that your protein levels are happy. You can take care of that by eating the rainbow, wholegrains and pulses. However, sometimes a quick flick of a spoon of protein powder in your breakfast bowl or smoothie is a neat, quick, smart way to go.

Savoury snacking: Super Seeded Crackers

Hello Loose shoppers,

It's a foggy winter's day and even though a warming stew would be a suitable recipe to share, we think you're pretty good at throwing those together yourself. But how about a healthy protein-rich and tasty cracker recipe?

We all know that we like to snack throughout the day, right? And how to avoid going for the 'bad stuff', but instead reach for a protein-mineral-good-fats-rich cracker to go with your favourite hummus?

The chickpea dilemma and protein-rich snacking!

Hello everyone,


We know that many of us are struggling with a whole range of difficulties these days due to the global pandemic.

We also know that there are old struggles that are left unsolved. Such as how to cook beans and lentils so that they are not undercooked, hard and difficult to digest 😅 This week we will tackle the latter!


Welcome 2021 a brand new start and recipe!

Hello Loose shoppers,

We hope the start of 2021 has been smooth and safe for you and your friends and family.

We are back to normal opening hours from 10 to 4 Monday to Saturday, see you in the shop.

Presumably, after the Christmas feastings and new years celebrations, you might be doing a little bit of a detox this month, is that right?